profileMy name is Eimear and I live in Galway in the west of Ireland.  This blog started off  as bit of a ‘pet project’ to see if I could make all my own clothes.  Like a lot of people,  as I had started to notice a certain imbalance in the way we buy (and throw) clothing.

Charity shops have far more clothes than they can sell, and a lot of clothing consumption is done without a thought for social and environmental impact.  Some donated clothes to charity shops are good but don’t sell as they are the wrong shape or size, so I also wanted to see if it was possible to remake them – and make them better.

I used sew as a teen and when I left school, I did an apprenticeship in factory cutting and pattern drafing before going to fashion college (changing later to Fine Art print),. I am currently developing a range of sewing patterns suitable for upcycling clothes effectively and sympathetically.

I have uploaded patterns for free download on – https://www.craftsy.com/profile/upsew

Remaking has many advantages –

  • the fabric has already proved it durability and laundering (so no shrinkage)
  • The hand/fall/hang of the garment is evident so its easier to assess suitability
  • its an inexpensive way to learn and perfect sewing techniques
  • its an inexpensive way to build a basic wardrobe
  • its a good challenge for sewing and pattern making skills
  • and the environmental aspect of saving garments from potential landfill/down-cycling, not buying new, and the hand made is potentially better made and longer lasting.


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