Shirt to Sunbather

Another quick sew, and my summer sewing seems to be taking shape, a lot of the colours I am using co-ordinate well, and I am using up a lot of what was in the ‘press’.  I had seen a few of these tops on WeSewRetro, and I got the pattern from Etsy.

I used a charity shop shirt, harvested the buttons, and cut out the top gathered piece in 2 pieces, as well as having to divide the pattern piece for the back wraps in two.  I made a grain error (ie cut it off grain) in the end wrap pieces but it makes no difference really.  There is enough shirt left over for a button back version of this!  I used about 5m of store bought bias binding (2euro), and lined it with left over sheeting (its a thin sheet/like flour bag fabric).  My lining was cut the same as the fabric, and sewed to the fabric before the top was constructed.

Very quick make….. however the temperatures here have taken a dive so it may not get worn for a while!


17 thoughts on “Shirt to Sunbather

    • theupsew says:

      Thanks Lesley, its a pattern for a 50s top I got on Etsy, from ‘subversive femme’ shop, it was a pdf download, its a hand drawn trace of the pattern, it would probably be easy to draft but having the guidelines for gathering done for you is handy, I really think it suits the ‘nautical’ stripes!


  1. wrong doll says:

    I adore this – it’s fantastic in every way. The pattern, the fabric, the re-fashion. Really really impressed Eimear – want to see you in it!! Like me, I know you have no aspirations to be on The GBSB but this make has you for a contender. Very well done 🙂

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    • theupsew says:

      Thanks Aimee, I was quite pleased with it as it was another ‘simple sew’ unlike the silk pleaty think I am trying at the moment. I am still fascinated by the GBSB – and every now and then time myself to see if I could make their time scales, and there is no way I could pull a coat off in that (I actually cannot do bag lining so I would be eliminated straight away….) I also find it surreal that I will often sew in the day and happily watch GBSB that evening – I got 3 coats last week for 3 euro…. may yet learn to bag some lining there……


  2. wrong doll says:

    I do need to find some ‘simple sews’ – everything I attempt seems to swallow time and take me weeks! A quick win seems dreamy in comparison. I too am fascinated by the Bee and can hand on heart say it’s all absolutely beyond me. That bagged lining looked rock. I asked a colleague at work who used to design for a living and she said they are well hard. I’ve spent all day playing with my new machine, top stitching on denim with contrast threads – it handles so well. 3 coats for 3 euros – you are such a bargain hunter!!

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    • theupsew says:

      glad to know they are not just beyond me! your new machine sounds lovely, looking forward to seeing some denim makes!, My coats are a bit of a necessity – I have been meaning to make a summer coat for the last year, and the poor charity shop has more clothes than they can cope with so have euro stuff everywhere! these coats are cotton/poly type full length coats so hoping for a summer coat, and experiment and a windcheater! (and will rue these words in time!)

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    • theupsew says:

      thank you Linda, know what you mean- one month ago the weather was glorious here and for the last 2 weeks its been rather dismal! on the other hand, I am planning a summer coat! I am hoping that the weather will come good again…. (hope springs eternal!)

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